christina corey



The feeling of being lost intrigues me. When the wind shifts on an otherwise sunny day, or when you are looking for a scenic view and get caught in a hailstorm, you are called to act out of your element. With an observant eye and a sketchbook, I have always taken notice of these moments, both big and small.  From a hefty cloud floating over a green mountain, to a sandy plain before a looming storm, each scene elicits a personal response. My paintings are about reflecting on awe-inspiring moments in nature and how those moments spark change in one’s self.

I draw inspiration from my memories and imagination as well as colors and music that surrounds me as I paint. Applying oil paint with brushes and palette knives, I use a variety of techniques to create layers of texture. With bold brush strokes, I achieve a level of abstraction that challenges the viewer’s perception of nature.

5pm-7pm Tuesday, January 28th, 2019

Christina Corey Artist Reception- live music, eats & drinks. 

agam at the Upson Market Place