aleah ford



With a multidisciplinary approach, I construct, photograph, paint, and sculpt a melancholic and fanciful existence.  The natural world, full of its flora and fauna, whisper the lore of the mysterious and unfamiliar.  Heavily influenced by a childhood year in Germany, my work takes on a Romantic European aesthetic and philosophy.  

Exhibited are two separate bodies of work.  “Perceptions” is a series of “manually edited photographs.”  Beneath the thinly build layers of paint and dimensional objects, lies a photograph.  Inspired by early methods of photographic retouching, I sought to blur the line of painting and photography. 

“Fauna” is a series of soft-sculpture moths.  The wings are photographed from my collection.  Each moth is carefully constructed with hand painted/dyed faux fur bodies.  Cultures across the centuries have mythologized the lepidopteran family (moths and butterflies), often comparing them to the human soul.

5pm-7pm Tuesday, January 28th, 2019

Aleah Ford Artist Reception- live music, eats & drinks. 

agam at the Upson Market Place