john kildahl


Musician - Poet - Painter

For the majority of my life music, performing and composing, together with writing lyrics, poetry and stories comprised my creative life. Well, there was a garden and flower beds, navigating through earning a living, raising children, maintaining a house, and all that other life stuff which do take creativity. Somehow, all of a sudden from somewhere drawing started to emerge and slowly took the place of music. I began taking some lessons at various places with a number of teachers. With their encouragement I entered several group shows and that led me to Art Gallery at Mill where ten of my art pieces are now on display and for sale. Fellow artists and teachers have labeled my work as abstract, whimsical and outsider. All I know is that, similar to a sponge, I put on paper or canvas what I take in from life each day in whatever way it decides to manifest itself. Enjoy!

5pm-7pm Friday,August 16th, 2019

John Kildahl Artist Reception- live music, eats & drinks. 

agam at the Upson Market Place