Alexander Ranniello




biggest heroes in painting being Wayne Thiebaud, Paul Wonner, David Hockney, David Park, and Richard Diebenkorn.

Life and Art

I set out to accomplish different goals as I work on each project and each series. A lot of my work consists of simple subject matter and scenes. I like creating photoshoots in specific scenery in order to capture the highest level of human passion and emotion. Sometimes I use this idea to abstract my backgrounds or alter the beginning stages of each painting or drawing. Moving forward with each portrait I am setting out to challenge the viewer with each painting I create. I try to maximize the emotions that inseminate from the gaze, the body language, posture, and my color palette; Whether it be sad, pensive, joyful, and so on. When I am referencing my figures or landscapes from a photoshoot, I am always trying to push myself to experiment with my mark-making while still maintaining narrative/story in my compositions. The people I meet and the people that are a part of my projects are inspiring and the most important part of what I do. My figure and portrait paintings have been described best as “vibrant, emotional, and comprehensive pieces of work that create a relationship and conversation with the viewer that holds you tight.

I am guided by the relationships and art of other creative minds in my personal life, always humbled by the next project. By featuring some drawn portraits of people in my life, I get to show my journey. My journey through the people I meet and idolize, become a large part of the work ultimately. As a result, my work​ ​culminates more than West Coast fandom. It culminates something deeper; Spirituality, Art, Culture, Love.

5pm-7pm Tuesday, November 27th, 2018

Alexander Ranniello Artist Reception- live music, eats & drinks. 


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