stephanie gaston



In my day to day I am a freelance graphic designer, photographer and marketing manager of an organic landscaping company. This opportunity has enabled me to experience my greatest loves in life; art and nature - all day, every day. My artwork is a reflection of nature and an exploration of light. My intention is to explore the outdoors, let nature tell me what it wants me to paint and then re-create it with my own unique and graphic perspective. I am in awe of the creatures, flowers and beauty that is always around me. The constantly changing light that has it’s own way of painting the earth and sky, the incredible reflections and colors that make for an endless kaleidoscope of inspiration. There is a peace that can’t be felt anywhere but on a hike, working in a garden or just gazing at the stars. I am drawn to it and enjoy trying to bring those elements, as well as the geometric patterning found in nature, into my art through any medium that I can.

Agam at upson market place